Quality of Life

How Often Has Your Ailment or Condition Kept You From Doing The Things You Love in Life?



This one touches all of us here at the Twisted Leaf in some form or another. Those who deal with chronic pain, anxiety, or any other condition which CBD can help alleviate,  crave and value the opportunity for a better quality of life. The goal of Twisted Leaf of Lawton is to help people get back as much of their life as possible which is claimed by things outside of our control. We utilize non-addictive, all natural and non-habit-forming solutions as a substitute for prescriptions.

One doesn’t have to venture far into the media to hear the term ‘opioid epidemic,’ or to realize America has found itself in the middle of this crisis. In 2016, half of all overdose deaths in the United states were opioid-related. Drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death in Americans under the age of 50. It’s past time for a better solution.

The legalization of CBD in the United States swung open wide the door to possibilities in a variety of industries involving both mental and physical health. In mental health circles, councilors are able to issue their clients CBD products that allow them to help with stress-related issues and disorders. Many medical professionals and doctors are now able to recommend CBD to help live with the pains inherent in the treatment of cancer. CBD is rapidly becoming accepted and a dependable, trusted source of pain relief.

As with any new health product, we recommend you discuss the benefits and any concerns you may have with your primary doctor.

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